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The CIMN at the Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas

After a decade-long nomadic existence in Grenoble and Isère, the Centre International des Musiques Nomades is setting up its headquarters in Grenoble city centre for three years, at the Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas, a former seventeenth-century chapel.
However, this does not mean that the CIMN is settling down. On the contrary, its traveller’s spirit and open-mindedness will live on in this exceptional theatre, transforming it into a home for cultures from around the world, in the heart of the city.
We have aimed to make this first season part of the local area and open to the world. The programme of the Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas features concerts, themed highlights, open stages and a brunch.

The first highlight, which will take place during the European Heritage Days, is focussed on intangible cultural heritage. The second, scheduled for the end-of-October holidays, is dedicated to children and families. The third will be in the form of a brunch, in the local neighbourhood, during the Détours de Babel festival. Other highlights will take shape as the season goes on…
In between them, the Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas will host concerts, shows and original creations (often exclusive !).
Above all, it will become a permanent space for musician and artist residencies, in the areas of jazz, new music, world music and musical theatre.

Residencies at the Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas

For this first season, 15 programmes will welcome more than 70 musicians from France and elsewhere. Each residency will include meetings, public rehearsals, an end-of-residency performance, school sessions, and a "premiere" presented at the Détours de Babel festival.
Among these residencies, two participative projects will explore the sound and musical resources of the local neighbourhood and its residents, in particular through the Scènes Ouvertes (open stages).

It is this "culture of hospitality" that inspires the CIMN at the Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas. In order to welcome artists and the general public in the best possible conditions, along with our institutional and corporate partners, we will be carrying out works during the season to equip and improve the venue, which to be frank needs it.

Benoit Thiebergien
Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas

Le Théâtre Sainte Marie d'en bas à Grenoble

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