Songs and music from the Brazilian Candomblé religion

Afro-Brazilian trance music

Graça Reis Soprano
Carlos Eduardo Santos Tenor
Josehr Santos Bass
Nanny Santos Percussion
Alin Gonçalves Percussion

An Afro-Brazilian religion born of the meeting between African, European and Amerindian cultures. Alongside the two major monotheistic religions that are Catholicism and Protestantism, another spiritual path is actively followed by Brazilians – Candomblé. With much less clearly defined boundaries than the two above-mentioned religions, this syncretic religion is based on African memories mixed with certain Christian rites. Candomblé is a curious blend of the Christian beliefs of Portuguese colonists and the African rites of slaves forcefully taken to Brazil between the sixteenth and nineteenth century, when slavery was abolished in the country. It is also practised in other forms in some neighbouring countries, such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Venezuela. However, its full historical dimension lies in Brazil.