Dans mon beau jardin... Il y a un arbre


From nursery rhymes to contemporary music

Spirito Chamber choir
Nicole Corti Artistic direction
Anne-Emmanuelle Davy Soprano
Caroline Gesret Alto
Morgane de Lafforest Cello
Claudio Bettinelli Percussion

To capture the attention of the eyes and ears, this little suite of contrasted vocal and/or instrumental pieces explores characters from the imaginations of children. Animals, nature and games find their way into nursery rhymes and pieces recently composed by Bertrand Plé, while six miniatures serve as bridges that extend or precede the works, like an interlude of contemporary composition. In the form of a ritornello, a traditional song ’Dans mon beau jardin... ’. Two singers, a cellist and a percussionist will use their musical and theatrical talents to bring to life a show that aims to be enlightening, surprising and poetic.