Eugénie de Mey /Création Thierry de Mey

Songs of exile of Medieval women


Eugénie De Mey Singing & artistic direction
Pierre Hamon Flutes
Julien Lahaye Percussion

This creation gives a singing voice to female poets, trobairitz and trouvères, who were highly active in their time. This is a journey through Medieval France, from the Occitan south, a liberal forerunner, including in terms of its musical aesthetics, to the Oïl dialects of the north, which promoted the art of "finding" and mixing words and sounds to their finest and most precise expression. It brings into resonance various modes of instrumental and vocal performance, through the words of women : women in love, philosopher women, women worried about their absent beloved away on a crusade, women who are sensitive, religious, pragmatic, sensual and incredibly engaging...