In Situ Alma-Très-Cloîtres


Participative project


Christophe Sacchettini Recorders, bagpipes, percussion, vocals
Marie Mazille Violin, clarinets, nyckelharpa, vocals
Patrick Reboud Accordion, kalimba, vocals
Norbert Pignol Machines, production of soundtracks
Amateur musicians of the Alma-Très-Cloitres district

A group of local residents, accompanied by musicians from the collective ’Mustradem’, perform songs for one or several singers in Turkish, Arab, English, French... For this project, the four professional musicians, in collaboration with local associations, have collected songs, music and sounds from the Alma-Très-Cloîtres district, throughout the 2019-2020 season, in order to share, bring to life and reinvent this collective "intangible heritage".