IN SITU Villeneuve

The intangible heritage of the district La Villeneuve

Nassima Boulghens, Zoya Daneshrad Singing
Léa Dessenne Singing, guitar
Marie Mazille Clarinets, nyckelharpa, singing
Norbert Pignol Machines
Patrick Reboud Accordion, kalimba, backing vocals
Christophe Sacchettini Recorders, bagpipes of Central France, percussion, backing vocals
Aziz Sall Singing, guitar
Maxime Veslin Electric guitar, violin

For the opening of the TSMB, the CIMN is inviting amateur artists from La Villeneuve, who were involved in the IN SITU project in 2016, along with musicians from the collective Mustradem, as part of the festival Détours de Babel, to repeat this concert in the neighbourhood. The concert will be the starting point for a major participative project that will explore the intangible heritage of the Alma-Très Cloitres district, throughout the winter of 2019-2020, through the collection of sounds and music, and identification of artists. This project will culminate in the creation of a concert for the next edition of the festival Détours de Babel, in the spring of 2020