Opera dos Terreiros

Aldo Brizzi

Opera for three singers, percussion and electronics


Graça Reis Soprano
Carlos Eduardo Santos Tenor
Josehr Santos Bass
Nanny Santos Percussion
Alin Gonçalves Percussion
Aldo Brizzi Direction and electronics

A "Romeo and Juliet" story set in the time of slavery in Bahia, when tribes lived together in opposing Bantu (Angola) and Nagô (Benin/Nigeria, "the kingdom of Dahomé") work camps. The protagonists, Nzailu and Dara, work as slaves to build Brazil. Intangible, invisible beings determine the course of events, from a parallel dimension where the magical world of Shakespeare meets the that of the Orixás, the gods of the African animist religion known in Brazil as Candomblé and Umbanda.