Noémi Boutin & Matthew Sharp au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Noémi Boutin & Matthew Sharp

We Need To Talk

From 12 to 13 September and 24 to 27 March
Concert on 1 April

Noémi Boutin Cello
Matthew Sharp Cello

Two singular and complete artists, who use their cellos to develop a virtuoso and sensitive musical language on either side of the Channel.
A meeting in the form of a musical "Brexit", based on creations by two composers from France and Britain.

Mustradem au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas


In Situ Alma-Très-Cloîtres

October to March
Concert on 29 March

Christophe Sacchettini Recorders, bagpipes, percussion, vocals
Marie Mazille Violin, clarinets, nyckelharpa, vocals
Patrick Reboud Accordion, kalimba, vocals
Norbert Pignol Machines, production of soundtracks

Recognised in Europe, MusTraDem is a collective of musicians and artists who carry out musical research based on traditional music.

Keyvan et Bijan Chemirani au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Keyvan et Bijan Chemirani

New Ancient Rhythms

7 to 10 October
Concert on 11 October

Keyvan Chemirani Zarb, percussion, santur
Bijan Chemirani Zarb, percussion, saz

The Chemirani brothers learned to play the zarb, a percussion instrument used in classical Persian music. They have travelled to venues around the world to play with musicians from various horizons. Today, they are getting back in touch with their roots.

Stracho Temelkovski au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Stracho Temelkovski

La Route de soie

16 to 18 October
Concert on 18 October

Stracho Temelkovski Bass, viola, mandola, percussion, beat box
Jean-François Baëz Accordion
Jean-Charles Richard Saxophones
Ashraf Sharif Khan Sitar

A multi-talented virtuoso musician, Stracho Temelkovski, draws his creativity from the heritage of his Macedonian roots, jazz and contemporary music.

La Forge

La Forge

Alice Oratorio

16 to 19 December
Concert on 20 December

François Raulin
Pascal Berne
Michel Mandel
Emmanuel Scarpa
Laura Tejeda-Martin

A creative centre for artists and musicians, ’La Forge’ has carried out work to research and expand the repertoire related to musical composition and improvisation for many years.

Les Chantiers au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Les Chantiers

January / February
Concert on 29 March 2020

"Les Chantiers" of the Festival and ’Les Envolées’ are calls for projects for young creative individuals, to allow them to carry out a first creative project in professional conditions.

Isabelle Gourgues au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Isabelle Gourgues

Penchés au bord du monde

4 to 6 February
Concert on 7 February

Isabelle Gourgues Singing, piano
Francis Mimoun Piano, violin, accordion, percussion

Following a background in theatre, Isabelle Gourgues played in several theatrical and choreographical creations. She writes and performs songs for shows produced by La Fabrique des petites utopies.

Arash Sarkechik au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Arash Sarkechik

10 to 14 February
Concert on 14 February

Arash Sarkechik Vocals, guitar
Yvan Djaouti Trumpet
Tarek Maaroufi Drum kit, percussion
Antoine Girard Accordion

A multi-instrumentalist and singer, trained in classical and jazz music, Arash Sarkechik has an intimate singing style, telling colourful stories that open up a path to his poetic songs.

Marthe / Verbnoe Voskresenie au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Marthe / Verbnoe Voskresenie

24 to 28 March
Concert on 29 March

Florent Briqué Trumpet
Alexis Moutzouris Saxophone
Lucas Territo Bass
Damien Bernard Drum kit

Roaming cultures and musical cross-fertilization guide the creations of Ensemble Marthe. For this creation, the work of the artists is based on the traditional Russian religious and secular repertoire.

Eugénie de Mey / Thierry de Mey au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Eugénie de Mey / Thierry de Mey


5 to 7 April
Concert on 7 April

Eugénie De Mey Singing & artistic direction
Pierre Hamon Flutes
Julien Lahaye Percussion

Specialised in the early and contemporary vocal repertoire, Eugénie de Mey stands out for her original use of the registers of the voice. She gives pride of place to improvisation, ornamentation and the poetry that is possible between the score, the text sung and the audience.

Fleur Lemercier au théâtre Sainte-Marie d'en bas

Fleur Lemercier

Airs de famille

11 to 22 May
Concert on 29 May

Fleur Lemercier Shadow play
Jean-Pierre Sarzier Clarinets
Boris Vassalucci Electroacoustic instrumentarium, violin, mandolin

The company’s projects are based on a visual proposition built around an author’s text, original music, technology and puppetry.