Antonio Campos & Antonio Placer Trio

The art of the Spanish Duende

Antonio Placer, Antonio Campos Vocals
Juan Antonio Suarez Canito Flamenco, guitar

Two superb singers – one Gypsy, the other Galician – bring together their artistic and poetic worlds. Their voices are gravelly at times, and full of restraint at others, as emotion dictates. Together, they create a musical bridge across the south, between here and further afield. Together, exploring the thin boundary that separates convention and contravention, they practice the art of the ’Duende’. From their musical and poetic story emerge a furious power and a constant engagement. For this concert, they will be accompanied by the great guitarist Juan Antonio Suarez. This concert symbolically marks the handing over of the TSMB’s management from Musiques créatives du Sud to the CIMN.